Terms and Conditions

Promotional Period and Qualifying Locations: This promotion is valid only during the following promotional period, and is subject to the eligibility and other requirements, terms, and conditions herein.

Promotional Period: From MARCH 1, 2020 until MARCH 9, 2020 (the “Promo Period”). 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Not redeemable for cash, for resale & no refunds or exchanges (except as required by law). One discount per transaction if acceptable, no refunds can be given for stock on sale. Some discounts can only be applied if the minimum amount has been reached. Sponsored promotions may exclude discounts on our premium line. Promotions with the LOT-P LIFESTYLE BOX in the content will not have the LOT-P LIFESTYLE BOX sent as this box is not included in any giveaway, prizes or promotions.


Social media promotions: To be eligible for social media competitions all requirements must be met. Proof must be shown via screenshots once contacted by a Lot-P Apparel team member. Requirements will be provided on the sponsored post. (Like, Follow, Share & Tag).